Yahoo! Weather

The most functional and best looking weather widget available on the android platform.

Yahoo Weather android widget is a constantly updating option you can have on your phone to receive weather updates depending on your phone’s gps location. While many other android widgets will display the temperature on the home screen, Yahoo Weather is a little different. Yahoo Weather will take up on your phones home screen entirely with the current temperature, the days high and low temperature, and also the  five day weekly weather forecast. As far as weather android widgets go, Yahoo Weather is the best looking and most impressive one currently available.

Why Download Yahoo Weather?

If you are always interested in what current weather conditions are Yahoo Weather is a great widget to download. If you visit the beach or complete other daily outdoor activities, knowing if it is going to be beautiful and sunny outside or if it is going to be storming knowing beforehand would be nice. Also, Yahoo Weather does some things much different than other weather android widgets available on the market. Yahoo Weather has teamed up with Flickr images to display beautiful professional photographs that will change depending on your current location and also the current weather conditions. For example, if you live in San Francisco, a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate Bridge will appear on your phone. If you happen to be in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a shot of beautiful downtown Philadelphia will be used.

You can use Yahoo Weather as a small widget on your phone to go with your other icons, however to get the full effect it is recommended to set aside one of your phones home screens to only display Yahoo Weather. Also, if you need to know what the weather will be like in another area, you can put in the zip code of the area and see how the weather is in that area. A nice touch Yahoo Weather has is the ability to share the weather conditions via your favorite social networking site. Have you moved from New York to Los Angeles and want to share with your friends the beautiful 70 degree so cal weather with them while they are snowed in? You can do so with a few button pushes with Yahoo Weather on your android enabled mobile phone.

Yahoo Weather is a beautiful weather android widget that is best used when in full screen mode. Download Yahoo Weather today if you are interested in knowing current and future weather conditions and the beautiful layout that comes with it.

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