Put your to-do lists into the cloud with Wunderlist Widget

Wunderlist Widget lets you organize your tasks and to-do’s in a very effective way. This Android widget boosts your productivity saving your tasks into the cloud, this way you can view and modify them on the web from any kind of computer; Windows, Mac, etcIn addition, Wunderlist Widget allows you to add notes to your tasks in order to extend its descriptions.

We strongly recommend you to register for a free Wunderlist account to use all of its amazing features. You can synchronize your tasks and lists, create new ones by email and share them with friends and colleagues through email (sharing is only available from web access). Your data is absolutely safe in the cloud.

Getting started with Wunderlist Widget

This Android widget provides first time users with a short tutorial on how Wunderlist works. To read it you just need to tap on the list called ‘Inbox’. Let’s check out the tutorial items:

  • Change your background image by going to Settings > Background.
  • You can add a new task by tapping into the input field called ‘Add a new task’ above on the screen.
  • Add a new list by tapping into the input field on the list overview.
  • Press the menu button in the lists overview in order to add a new list, to sync or to open the settings.
  • Press the menu button in the task overview to delete a list, rename one or add a new task, to sync or to open the settings.

Adding tasks by email

If you are on the go and just remembered you have a pending task, Wunderlist allows you to add it by sending an email to me(at)wunderlist.com. You can use the subject line of your emails to either add tasks to existing lists, or create new ones. If the subject of your email is left empty, the taks will be added to your Wunderlist ‘Inbox’. To create multiple tasks with one email, simply separate them with a line break. A star in front of the task will label it as top priority.

So, Why do we consider you should give this Android widget a try?

First of all, we have to tell you that Wunderlist Widget is the simplest way to organize your tasks from your Android device and save them for free into the cloud which then allows you to sync it with all your devices. We believe that the Wunderlist folks must have a to-do list bigger than anybody’s, full of new features for future implementation.

Did you know that Wunderlist has raised 1 millon users in less than a year? 275 days to be exact.

Lastly, in case you have any doubts or suggestion you can get in contact with the widget developers through email at support(at)6wunderkinder.com.

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