World Weather Clock Widget

World Weather Clock is a simple, yet effective way to view the weather conditions in your area or another city.

World Weather Clock Widget is a lightweight android widget that after being placed directly onto your phone’s background. World Weather Clock Widget lets you display several Android widgets onto your phone and allows you to see what time and temperature it is in various areas all over the globe.

World Weather Clock Widget Features

  • The ability to see different temperatures and times all over the world. Have a parent in Pittsburgh and would like to see how cold it is? Are you a person who lives in Chicago and used to live in California and want to see how sunny it is Los Angeles? World Weather Clock Widget allows you to do so.
  • Anyone who is kept trapped in an office all day and is curious about how cold it is outside can now do so very easily by using this Android widget.
  • Five day forecast allows the user to easily see how the weather conditions will be for the entire week.
  • The transparency option is great for those who have an interactive home screen and do not want this android widget to interfere with the background.
  • The development team for this android widget is responsive and will answer any questions you may have about World Weather Clock Widget. Also, they are always looking for recommendations on how to make the widget better.
  • Extremely accurate time and weather reading. Many users have complained about other Android weather widgets where the time or temperature are off slightly or by a large margin. However, this android widget is extremely accurate all the time.

If you are interested in seeing various temperatures and times from all over the world, World Weather Clock Widget is the only way to do so. This android widget also will show the rain percentage, humidity percentage, and what speed the wind conditions are in each area. Every weather widget you add to your desktop lets the user customize the width and length of each widget and the placement allows up to 16 different World Weather Clock Widgets onto your home screen. If you are interested in knowing the weather and time of your time zone or for any zone all over the world, World Weather Clock Widget is the way to do so and one of the best android widgets available.

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