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Stay in shape with the new Workout Trainer for Android!

Workout Trainer Widget lets you get in shape with free workouts led by expert coaches. This Android widget provides you with a step-by-step audio workout led by virtual personal trainers (Claudia & Greg). Workout Trainer Widget also includes a ‘Preview Exercise’ section in which you can learn how to do the different workouts through pictures and videos. Listen to them guide you through over 1000 timed exercises created to help you achieve your fitness goals. These days, this new Android widget ranks Top 10 in the App Store on the ‘Free Health-care & Fitness’ section.

Getting started with Workout Trainer in 6 simple steps

First of all you must create a Workout Trainer account. This account will also allow you to follow your workouts online from Skimble website (Workout Trainer’s developers). The first time you install this Android widget you will be able to create the account and configure your profile. The good news is that we listed a step-by-step guide below so you can easily set it up by following it.

  1. Choose your Trainer – You can select Claudia or Greg as your personal trainer.
  2. Select your gender and indicate your birthday.
  3. How intense do you like your workouts? – Select the intensity of the exercises.
  4. How much time to workout do you generally have? – Select between 5 mins and 1 hour.
  5. Indicate your current fitness goals such as; loose weight, build muscle, tone muscle, improve flexibility, etc.
  6. Lastly, you should create the account by completing the requested information (first name, last name, email and password) or by joining with your current Facebook account. After this, you are ready to go with Workout Trainer Widget!

Some Features of this Android widget

Apart from sharing your workouts with friends through FacebookTwitter and email, you can also play your favourite music while working out. You just need to start your music app and then open Workout Trainer and begin your workouts.

One of the most fun features included in this Android widget is ‘Shakerciser’ which will let you randomly pick up a workout by shaking your Andorid device. You can find ‘Shakerciser’ by going to Menu > Sharkerciser.

Support and Feedback

You can send an email to the widget developers in case you have any doubts or feedback by going to More > Send Feedback.

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