WordPress Design And Theme ? Best Tips To Find The Right WordPress Theme

WordPress Design And Theme ? Best Tips To Find The Right WordPress Theme

In order to attract more readers to your blog you have to take a few steps to make your blog attractive to readers. Off course content of the blog is one way to do so but there are other ways as well which can make your blog a better blogging experience for your readers. One such way is to apply themes on your blog. WordPress themes are most popular because they offer a wide rage of blogging experience to both reader and the owner of the blog. With the help of wordpress themes, a blog owner can easily customize his blog to be more users friendly and with more functions. This helps to make your blog more attractive to users and more readers will come to your blog to read it. But one problem still remains and that is to search for the right wordpress theme for your blog. This is very simple too and it is defined in simple words in this article. Read on to find out how you can find the right wordpress theme for your blog.

Start from a simple search on the search engine with the keywords “wordpress themes for blog”. This will give you a lot of results for the wordpress themes. There are many websites which offer you both free and premium wordpress themes for your blog. But the questions still remains that which theme is right for your blog. Well, that is very simple too and all you have to do is to know what you want from a wordpress theme? This way, you will only search for the themes that are relevant to your requirement. You will easily ignore the irrelevant themes with the help of search criteria.

You have to decide that how many columns you will need in the wordpress theme and which colored theme you want. These two simple things will help you to narrow down your search and help you to find the right theme for your blog. If you don’t do so then you will be searching for a needle in a hay stack. So make sure that you decide on these before you start your search for the wordpress theme.

Little Awkward Moments #2

Image by hartboy
Part 2 in the series. What little moments in life do you find the most awkward?

Added an archive for all comics from 2009, about page, made a header image that Eric hates, and played around with a new theme.

I signed up for a free WordPress.com blog site, so I am a little bit limited in what I can do. For starters, I need to order a paid upgrade just to edit CSS. Gak. I also don’t believe there’s a way to automatically add a Digg button to each post, I have to do that manually. Double Gak!

In summation, it’s a bit kludgy for now, but I plan to keep at it, and maybe once I get the basics working, I can transfer the site over to an actual web host. That would allow me more flexibility with layout, tweak the navigation so it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to look through all my old comics, etc.

In the meantime, check it out! Subscribe, rate, comment, all that fun stuff!

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