Win Remote

Control your computer with your Android phone from the comfort of your favorite couch or chair

Remotely control your computer has never been easier with the newest Android widget Win Remote. Win Remote lets you open programs on your desktop computer, playing music and change songs, and even browse the web using your android phone instead of the traditional method of keyboard and mouse.

How Win Remote Works

Win Remote works by allowing the user to setup a windows remote server that connects their phone to their computer. From there, you can use the scrolling and pinch-zoom feature on your Android phone to move around the mouse on your computer. Also, the digital keypad on your phone will allow you to input text right on your computer screen.

Uses for Win Remote

There are several great uses for Win Remote. Suppose you are having a party and need a fast way where you can change the music and be a DJ? Win Remote allows you to skip, play, and repeat music using several different music players such as Pandora, windows media player, and many more. Also, if you are like me and have a large monitor you enjoy watching movies and videos on your computer screen from the comfort of your couch. With Win Remote you can browse YouTube videos easily and without getting up and changing them or skipping them every time the video is finished. Also, if you are watching a DVD on your computer you can lay back and relax while from your favorite comfy chair. Another awesome feature is when looking at pictures with the family, you can easily cycle through them using only Win Remote to navigate through your library. In addition to Win Remote having several fun and personal use features, Win Remote also has legitimate business uses as well. You can use Win Remote to control your next PowerPoint presentation or if you are giving a speech and would like to usual visual aids, wind remote does this very well.

Win Remote is great for personal for business use. Anyone who have used remote control programs in the past know how convenient having them at your fingers at anytime is. The next time you are hosting a party and need to change up the music, watching a video with your friends, or giving a presentation consider Win Remote to make things a little easier.


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