Why most people will never actually start a business!

This episode is about why most people will never start and what you should do about it to make sure you aren’t one of them! It really all boils down to being willing to change your routine and break the status-quo. Simply put your life is stable and good enough… not where you want to be… but rather than risk what you have… far better to stick with what you have… it’s not like you will ever really success anyway? Right? Wrong!

All about your enemy: The Status Quo! People really never get off their backside and start until one of three things happens:

So this week’s episode is about Why most people will never actually start a business! And like I said at the top of the show… because this is SBP… the subtitle should be: what you should do about it to make sure you aren’t one of them!

So most people never start a business… we have talked about that before on the show… so you know what I am talking about… meaning most people SAY that want to start a business… but the VAST majority never really do. Of course that means sadly that a ton of people think to themselves that it isn’t possible… but they are of course wrong… anyone can start a business. The problem is… for a variety of what I call barriers on the show… people erect excuses…. to get between them and success… between them and their own success.

So, as I have mentioned in the past… people really are their own WORST enemy… its not bad enough what others do to us… we have to rob ourselves by quitting before we even get started. If we look down the road to the end of our lives… you do know you are going to die one day…. right? Anyway… if we look to the end… on our deathbed…. hopefully surrounded by our loved ones… it isn’t about money or wealth that signals whether we lived a full life or not… right?

Of course money isn’t the point. The point is do you feel fulfilled or not. In the end, did you live you life on your own terms… doing what you wanted to do… or rather what you WERE BORN TO DO…. or did you spend it angry, jaded and depressed as you spent it at a job you hated for 30 or even 40 years? Now some of you LOVE your job… you know it and I know it… I am not talking to you. I am talking to the 85% plus who literally want to cry on Sunday night when you are going to bed and you are dreading that idea of going back to that place.

Now why would anyone… and I mean anyone do that to themselves? So you change jobs… guess what usually happens? Nothing. The people there are usually petty, self-absorbed and have no vision either. No… spending time doing what you hate… is silly and YOU are the person I am talking to this week. I am begging you not to spend all the days remaining in your life miserable and depressed and feeling stuck… are you broke? Are you tired? Are you ready for a change? I hope so… because research shows that people really never get off their back side and start until on of three things happens:

1) they are in a financial emergency situation and they are forced to do something

2) the are so hurt by being messed over in their job or life… say from family or friends that they make a decision to take control of their lifes… or

3) they get to that point where the pain of staying where they are in life is TOO great that they simply can not do it for another day…

And THAT my friends in listeners is a magic moment. It is the day you destroy YOUR greatest enemy… STATUS QUO. Most people are unhappy… it is a sad but true fact. Again… if you are happy… then turn this episode off… because you aren’t going to agree with me and quite frankly… this isn’t for you this week. But many… no MOST of you are unhappy. But apparently you aren’t unhappy enough… because you are afraid to make a change and take a chance to mess with your own status quo… Your life is somewhat stable isn’t it? You have a place to stay.. you have clothes… you have food. So changing that sounds scary doesn’t it? Status quo is a lie my listener. Did you not hear the news from Detroit this week? Anyone in a government job that hasn’t been paying attention to Europe and the US governments level of being broke need to sit up in their chair… even government pensions are under attack… there are NO safe jobs… anywhere… except those that you create and control yourself.

For so long… I like you thought… a job is safe… it maintains my status quo… it supports my family. But I was wrong It likes the status quo…. BUT BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR has nothing… and I mean NOTHING to do with the status-quo. Instead being an entrepreneur is about change. And the biggest change is changing you. Wait what does THAT MEAN!?!

Maybe I like me David… maybe I don’t want to change. OK fine… no problem, just look around and survey your life… the people, the money, your time and where it is spent. Is everything where you want it to be? Are you able to do the things for those you love? Is it to the level you want to do it? Are you able to spend time with those that you love? Is it as much as you would like to? Are you secure.. so that if you lost your job or never held another one that you and your loved ones would be o.k…. would eat… would have a safe place to live and could afford clothing and medical care? If the answer is yes I can and do but not to the level I want… then YOU should be with me when I say… You have to change tomorrow… today by doing something outside of your comfort level and outside of your comfort zone. There will be a certain element of risk and there will be a LOT of work ahead of you…. but it will all be worth your time, money and effort.

So getting back to the main point of today’s show…. your life might not be where you want it… but unfortunetly it is just barely good enough… or you would take action. But… because you are comfortable… you are likely not to do this. Meaning you are listening to the show and lying to yourself. You are tuning in each week for the WRONG reason. You are waiting for me to say the magic words that will flip your switch and put you into business quickly and easily so you can skip all the steps and all the work… and all the risk and all the struggling that comes with it.

But let me ask you a question. If it was THAT easy… don’t you think someone would sell THE ANSWER? Don’t you think we would all go and buy the SURE THING? It doesn’t work that way… and an entrepreneur knows that… and does it anyway… they change their mindset… they changes their time habits… they change their spending habits and make their idea the priority… so it gets your best effort… it gets your money… it gets your time…. Because that is what it takes. Now despite this key message others of you will stop and erect other barriers… meaning excuses as to why you can’t do it. Well I won’t let you. I am asking you to stop it and cut it out.

Money is not your obstacle… there is a book out right now that shows how thousands from around the world have started successful businesses on $100. Money is not holding you back.

Fear? We just talked about that… you should be fearful of dying full of regret… regret that you didn’t do everything in your power to take care of those you love the most. No… you need to make the decision that is right for you… and I believe it is to shake up your status quo and take a chance on your dreams… that you can’t get where you want to go by thinking about it… you can’t get there if you don’t try. Even if you try and fail…. AT LEAST you tried! To die without trying…. well I can think of nothing worse! I really can’t. Can you imagine it… the end of your days… thinking… I could have… if I had really just started. Ouch! Stop looking for the perfect moment… stop waiting to hear the magic words… and make the decision to change your life and the life of those you love the most. Change the world… Think you can’t do it? Beating yourself up because of past mistakes and failures? Think this is for OTHER people?

Well let me ask you another question. With all of my massive failures… which you should know by now is MASSIVE… in size and number… What would have happened if I did what you did and said… I can’t do this and I never started the podcast. How many people who have listened and have been helped would NOT have heard what they needed to hear… what would have happened if I hadn’t? If I didn’t release the show that thousands of people listen to each month and hundreds of people email me each week. I mean really… Who am I anyway? I am certainly not special… I have lost everything and keep failing over and over again… I am not Pat Flynn… I am not Bill Gates… I am just David – a nobody. NO one knows who I am… no one will listen to some guy from Louisiana that no one has ever heard of before. I don’t have money anymore… I am as broke as you are… so I can’t do this… I never did podcasting before… that’s hard… So I guess I shouldn’t have done this, right? I should have listened to the exact same voices in my head and said… David you can’t do this… it will never work. No one will listen. No one wants to hear what you have to say. You are a loser. You have put your wife through so much struggling over the years and have lost everything… you are a failure David West. That is how I feel inside my listeners. Just like many of you. Those really are my thoughts. No one would listen. Even if someone found the show they would stay. I wouldn’t be able to help them… I have no money. No one wants to hear some guy from Louisiana. Once people find out that I was sued it will ruin everything. Once people find out how little money you now have and that you lost it all… they will ignore you. You have nothing to share. Your own family told you that you are a loser and a disappointment. Your own family got lawyers to see if they should even talk to you anymore after you were sued and were broke back in 2005. It has taken you 7 years to even dig yourself out of the hole to get to the point to scrape together the $100 a month to launch the show… David… Why oh why would you release a podcast to help people… no one wants your help. No one cares… no one will listen. What are you going to do… show them how to fail big? Yep… I could have given in to my own worse enemy… David West is my worst enemy. I am so embarrased at my failures… I feel so guilty for putting my wife, kids and family through what I have put them through. I have every reason to just lay down and cry into my pillow in self pity. Or…. I could tell myself… David… you have lots to share… you have seen and done so much in 20+ years… most people need to hear someone who doesn’t just interview millionaries every week like the other shows… or only talks about internet business… someone needs to help people with regular but very real dreams… there is a niche… and people ARE responding to my show… and to what I am saying. I should do this.

And you should do what you are here to help people with…. Let me ask you ONE LAST question today. Who is waiting for your help right now but isn’t getting it because you are so down on yourself beating yourself up… they will have to wait longer… or maybe forever. Whose life could YOU be touching right now… their life is full of pain… and they need a solution… but NO ONE is providing the solution that YOU would provide?.. and because you won’t do it… now they will not be helped… because no one and I mean no one would have done it quite the way YOU would have done it. Which is exactly the way THEY NEEDED it. Plenty of people release how to podcasts… but you are listening to mine because of the way I DO IT. Not their way. Hundreds of you have emailed my and told me that MY WAY or saying it is WHAT YOU NEEDED. I didn’t know that in September 10th of 2012… I imagined and hoped…. but I really didn’t know… I didn’t know HOW many would respond… I seriously questioned whether or not I would ever get 10,000 downloads a month. Within 8 weeks I got 10,000 downloads… and then in June of 2013 got 10,000 downloads in a single month. Do you realize that your doubt is the same as my doubt a year ago in 2012? There are people right now crying out for YOUR idea… and YOUR solution. If you won’t change your life… for you… and you won’t do it for your family… will you at least do it for those who are crying out in pain and need what you can do? There really are people who need YOUR help… no one else will take the time to do it YOUR Way.

I would give anything to be standing in front of you right now… so I could place my hand on your shoulder and beg you to change your own life. To shake off the pain… the past… the barriers… the excuses…. To tell you to never look back. To never let the guilt, pain and bad things that have happened to you hold you back from helping yourself, your family and those you were meant to help. I want to be your cheerleader… I interview people on the show that LAUNCH to show that regular people do this… those other shows… talk to people that sometimes don’t seem so regular or real… but as person after person on this show launches… tell me it doesn’t become more real to you… I want to be there when you launch. I am your cheerleader… because it is what I was born to do.

Now, I want you to promise me… no promise yourself to EACH day for the rest of your life.. to not sell yourself short… don’t settle with the status quo. Each day I am asking you to make your business a priority. Watch less TV… talk to fewer people you can’t stand anyway… spend less money on fast food… spend that time and money on each day… moving closer to your dream and your goals. I promise you… I am here and will be here to lay down the mindset, the steps and show you the way to do it… and you don’t have to spend any money at all… just show up…. but I am asking you to wake up each morning and take the day you have and do at least ONE thing to move your vision closer to reality. You aren’t too old… it’s not too late. You are smart enough. You have everything you need. If you have NO money are are heavily in debt… you can do it. Start making the right decisions each day to spend less time on things that don’t make your dreams come true and more time on making it come true. Tell yourself each and every day… you DO deserve this… and you CAN have it. Your mistakes… your past… the mess you are in… have nothing to do with your future… there is still time for you to fulfill what you are here to accomplish. Your dreams have been heavily heavily delayed and postoned… I agree it hurts… I understand! But hold your head up… there is time…. and you have another chance! Want to know how I know? Because you aren’t dead yet… and you can still work! It isn’t too late. No one will keep track of your failures in the end… only your successes. Don’t know where to go? Don’t know what to do… email me! Now stop beating yourself up and focus on what matters to you. And know this… that with this show… I am trying to help you step up and take a swing at bat…. at the game of life… to achieve happyness… to get free…

Now lets go play… its your turn… look there’s the ball… its coming… won’t you swing? What will it feel like when you swing and you hear that LOUD CRACK and see that ball FLY over the fence?

I hope you will let me be there to celebrate with you… because whether you believe this or not… I really really really want you to experience it and I really want to be there to cheer you on…

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