What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of search engine optimization. So what is it and why would you need it? Well first off it’s one of the internets biggest secrets. Those in the know do not share this information. Why not you might ask? Well it’s simple, by us telling you all about it so you can thrive in your business or personal website. You then become competition. How you might ask. Well let’s start at the very basics.

Ok this poorly drawn image isn’t the best example though lets imagine the black boxes are shops. So let’s say this is your local high street. There is no question to where you would like your shop to be placed, it’s going to be the first two going into the high street. These are the first two shops anyone’s going to see. Also keep in mind any purchases at these shops will tend to stop people from making purchases of similar items. You don’t tend to buy the same product ten times. So let’s say unfortunately the last shop is your shop, right down the ally way (the little one on the bottom right). There is going to be a few problems. Now you might have noticed this before but once you start getting down to the tiny shops at the end of your high street you tend to find your the only person in these shops. The main reason for this is that not everyone will venture right down to the end of the street, you’ll usually notice the bigger names are further up and close to the entrance. In a lot of cases this is why they are so big. Positioning is key. That’s not the only reason why, though it is great to be easily found this doesn’t always determine your shops popularity and usually the strongest factor to popularity is word of mouth. This of coarse is always easier to gain when your easily found.

It’s quite simple really. The example i’ve gave above t0 your local high street and shops is actually one of the hardest things to get your head around. When it come’s to SEO the more you read the less you actually think this structure has any similarity’s at all. Why would that be, simply because the amount of lie’s you will read involving SEO. So forget what you have learn’t if anything and simply start looking at search engines as your high street. Your website is your shop, the only difference is your shop has wheels and can move to any position. This is actually what SEO is all about.

That question is a very difficult question until you understand the basis of what it’s about. Let’s go right back to the birth of the world’s most popular search engine Google. Google’s original aim was to give it’s users the best results. So how does Google achieve this goal?

We need to think back to what I said about the high street. The popular site’s benefit hugely from a good position but then do well because of word of mouth. That is how Google also determines your website popularity. Ok so it’s far more complicated then that though this is the fundamental basis behind anything you do in search engine optimization.

Ok so Google can’t go right Bill down the road said your site is great so we will boost you up. So instead Google look through websites and see if anyone is talking about your site on other sites. This is called backlinks, as these are basically links back to your site. To Google this appears as the site the link to your site is on is talking about you. Nothing is better then having a big name site with your link on. For SEO we determine the powerful sites by their pagerank. Basically Google developed the pagerank to determine the position of a website in the search results. Though now Google has evolved the search engine far above the pagerank system. Pagerank does give us a great indication of the popularity of a website. In most cases a pagerank 5 and above will give your site a boost in the search results better then anything other.

What you have learned here is the very basics to SEO, these very basics is how you should always look at SEO as you learn more. You will be able to determine the difference between a lot of the lie’s you will read and the actual truth. As long as you always keep the basics of SEO in mind at all times.

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