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Waze Widget is the first network of drivers working together to build and share real-time road intelligence. This is 100% user generated, because of that waze needs your collaboration. This Android widget displays you your commute time to work, or back home, at any given moment and shows you the optimal time to hit the road.

What about the newly included pioneer commuting widget?

Waze’s Android commuting widget provides you with a evolutionary function which displays constantly-updated commuting time and ETA (Estimated time of arrival) to work or home right from your Android home screen. This is a new concept never seen until now in the market.


With this widget you will be able to know about the traffic jam conditions before you leave your home, work, or wherever you are. This Android widget displays you a color-coded graphic in your home screen in which red indicates heavy traffic and geen that the traffic is clear.

Users can also click on the widget to open a chart view that displays commuting time based on both live information and historical data showing ETA expectations
a few hours into the future.

How to configure Waze Widget

First of all, you need to add the Android widget to your Home Screen. Once Waze Widget is ready on your screen, you must open it and add ‘Home’ and ‘Work’ to your Waze Favorites. To do so, click on ‘Drive To’ and search for your home address. Then click the arrow to the right of the accurate search result and select ‘Save to Favorites’, entering ‘Home’ in the text box provided. Do the same procedure for ‘Work’ and you’re ready to go.

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