Did you know of the existence of Wikipedia’s fast access widget? And did you know that there are wikis for a whole lot of different topics? Well, keep reading to find out what we’re talking about.

Wapedia Widget has the fastest access to Wikipedia Encyclopedia and hundreds of other wikis such as: Wikiquote, Wiktionary, WikiTravel, Uncyclopedia, GTA Wiki, Wikis about Books, Games, Movies, Entertainment, Humor, Lifestyle, Technology, Sports, Religion, Health, Science, History, etc.

Languages and Features:

This widget lets you choose about more than 150 languages. Apart from that, you can add multiple widgets to your Home Screen and configure each to show different Wikis.

Depending on the Wiki you select there are particular menus such as:

  • Categories (You can select different topics such as: Culture, Geography, History, Entertainment, etc).
  • In the news.
  • Featured Content (It might also include a picture of the day).
  • Did you know… (Newest Articles).
  • Random Articles.
  • Popular Articles.
  • About Wapedia (FAQ, Tips & Tricks, Manage Plugins, Feedback, etc).

You can share your favourites article links sending them via e-mail or text message. If you have a Twitter or Facebook app installed on your Android Device you can also publish the articles there.

You are also allowed to configure the Image size, Font size, Page length and two different Themes.

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