Viber: Free Calls & Messages

Send free text messages and make free phone calls using Viber

Viber: Free Calls & Messages is phone calling/text messaging program that has been available for the iPhone (over 12 million downloads and counting) and is now available for android. While this may seem silly as to why anyone would need to look for android widgets that use to make phone calls when they can make calls already, Viber has many helpful and nice uses and features.

Viber: Free Calls & Messages Uses and Features

One of the main reasons to use Viber is to make long distance phone calls. If your phone package does not have a large amount of minutes left, there are no worries as you can make outgoing calls through Viber. Also, if long distance calls are costing you a fortune you can make them using Viber and call other Viber users all over the country.

One of the nicest features about using Viber is that you can make phone calls over your wi-fi network. If you happen to live in an area where you have poor reception, you can connect to your wi-fi network and make your phone calls via Viber and see a drastic increase in quality. One of the many reasons individuals download android widgets such as Viber and Skype is because of the high quality sound. Viber phone calls are absolutely crystal clear and you will be blown away your first time making a phone call using Viber. Another feature Viber has is the ability to search out your contacts and find other Viber users, making it easy to make Viber phone calls right away. While one might think having Viber run on your android phone will drain and kill the battery this is not the case at all. Viber developers programmed Viber to have no impact on the battery life of android enabled smart phones.

Viber: Free Calls & Messages is being constantly updated and there will be more features added in the future. Trying Viber is free so there are no downsides to trying out the service and having a high quality android program to make phone calls. If you have limited minutes on your phone package or can only send a certain amount of text messages, switching to Viber to make your phone calls might be the smartest decision you make all year when it comes to saving money on your bills.


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