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Urban Dictionary – Sample

Urban Dictionary Widget updates you with the current slang vocabulary which is being used in the streets. This widget provides a new word or phrase every day. You can also search for random words shaking your Android Device or you can type the word or phrase you don’t know its meaning and this Android Widget will provide you with it.

Giving you an Example

You go to Urban Dictionary Widget and you find that the word of the day is ‘screenlooker’. So, you can check its meaning by tapping on the word. You will see the following result:

screenlooker is anyone who on a multiplayer shooter looks at another player’s screen to identify their location and frag them as many times as possible.

Urban Dictionary – Word

‘- Dude, how the freak did you just kill me?’

‘- I’m just really good.’

‘- Damn screenlooker!’

You are allowed to star (save as favourite) the words and phrases, then you can find them at the ‘Starred’ Menu. Apart from that, you can check the History of the words you have been reading on the Widget.

Urban Dictionary Widget gives you the opportunity to share definitions with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail and SMS.

Lastly, you have to take in mind that there are a lot of vulgar definitions and jokes included in this Widget.

WARNING: The developers recommend you to not use Urban Dictionary if you believe this widget might offend you.

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