TuneWIki Social Music Player

Show subtitled lyrics while listening to music.

TuneWiki Widget lets you see timed and subtitled lyrics to your playing songs, watch music videos and stream songs through its SHOUTcast radio feature on your Android Device. It provides you with more than 2.5 million song lyrics and you can translate them in real-time to more than 40 languages.

What are people listening to right now?

This widget provides you with an amazing feature called Music Maps which lets you know what people are listening to around the world including near your town. You can use this function to find out new music styles from all over the globe. For example, if you are going to move to another city, you can know what kind of music is popular in your future neighborhood.

Moreover, you are allowed to search songs by artist or title, and even by phrase. Using TuneWiki Charts option you can find both, top 50 artists and songs from the country you want.

TuneWiki Widget is fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, so you can use HOT Playlists feature to check out what those users are listening to and also watch the top music videos.

And there is even more!

This widget lets you search for Youtube videos and add them to your personal Library. It gives you the opportunity of playing videos stored in your Android Device and you will also see the subtitled lyrics (if they’re available).

At the time of playing music you can look for your Android’s songs by Artist, Album, Title and Playlist.

Internet Radio
You can listen to radio through SHOUTcast radio. It lets you search for different styles of music such as: 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Alternative, Rock, Dance, Pop, Metal, Reggae, Country, Jazz, etc.
If you have a Last.FM account you will be allowed to listen to the radio through this application too.

Lastly, we can say that TuneWiki Widget includes one of the best client oriented support systems. So, if you need to contact the developers you can write an email to them at: Menu > Send Feedback. After a few seconds you will automatically get a reply with a ticket number and a web link to check your response’s status.

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