TuneIn Radio

What about listening to radio stations from all around the world in your Android Device?

TuneIn Radio Widget lets you listen to live radio stations locally and from around the globe. This Android Widget provides you with over 50,000 channels of music, sports, news, national networks like BBC, SWR, NPR, etc. You can look for your preferred DJs, programs and new local, global and Internet radios.

Apart from listening to your favourite radio stations, you can search by the following topics:

  • Local Radio
  • Music
  • Talk
  • Sports
  • By Location
  • By Language
  • Podcasts

My Presents, Artist, Album and Song Search

If you would like to bookmark any radio station you can press the ‘Add to Presents’ button and TuneIn Radio Widget will save this satation to ‘My Presents’ menu. Next time you want to listen to it, you will only have to take a look into the ‘My Presents‘ menu to search for your saved stations.

TuneIn Radio Widget allows you to search stations by typing the name of the artist, album or song you want to listen to. For example, you type ‘So Lonely – The Police’ and you will see which radio stations around the world are playing that song right now.

What about the quality and buffering speed?

We have tested this Android Widget before writing this article and we have to say that the quality of the sound when you’re listening to music through TuneIn Radio Widget is exceptionally good.

Lastly, the speed of loading when you want to tune in a station is really fast.

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