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Listen To Your Favorite Radio Shows, Live Stations, and Podcasts

The Stitcher Radio – News & Talk Android Widget lets you listen to thousands of radio stations, as well as all your favorite news, sports, comedy, talk, and storytelling programs in a single, easy-to-use Android widget. Stitcher Radio gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite AM/FM stations without any trouble and watch your favorite podcasts without ever needing to download them. That’s right – by seamlessly “stitching” together everything into a nifty playlist, this Android widget lets you stream all of this on the fly.

Rated E For Everything

With the Stitcher Radio Android widget, podcasts come in many flavors. From entertainment and sports to comedy and politics, there’s a very wide selection of podcasts tailor-made for you viewing pleasure. Whether you’re into Adam Carolla or Joe Rogan, or everything in-between, there’s bound to be a podcast that would interest you. Or you could simply look on the front page or sign up for alerts for breaking news stories. And if you find the news interesting, you can even share it with your friends through FacebookTwitter, or email.

You can also create custom stations with the Stitcher Radio – News & Talk Android widget. As the name of the Android widget implies, you can “stitch” together any mix of shows into your own, personal station via My Stations. Or, if you don’t feel like putting one together yourself (aka “be lazy”), you can just let Stitcher create one for you based on certain other shows. Alongside that, you can also let Stitcher find stations for you based on what other fans of your favs also enjoy watching.

Or maybe 30-minute-or-so shows aren’t your thing. Maybe you prefer mostly music. Well, they don’t call it Stitcher “Radio” for nothing. This Android widget gives you several thousands of radio stations to choose from. And with radio stations come music. With so much to look through, you’d have to be pretty picky to not find something of interest.

Enter the Interesting Interface

Every Android widget should have a nice, fluid, easy-to-use interface. And with the Stitcher Radio – News & Talk Android widget, that is exactly what you get. The interface of Stitcher Radio is so slick and easy to use, you have very few problems to expect. There is, from my experience of the Android widget, no lag whatsoever. Well…depending on how good my service is. I have had a few mishaps. I can’t blame it on Stitcher, though.

Anyway, another interesting interface feature is searching. Not only do results pop up insanely fast, but it didn’t take me much thinking at all. It was just so easy to use, and came up with exactly what I was looking for.

Stitching Up Loose Ends

Stitcher Radio – News & Talk has a lot going for it, and I can’t fit just how awesome it is in one measly article. The only way to truly understand is by trying it yourself. So why don’t you? It has my favorite word on its price tag: free. So if you’ve ever thought of getting an Android widget for podcasts, or just want to listen to radio stations on your phone, the Stitcher Radio widget is a great choice.

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