Starting Your Own Promotional Campaign Using Marketing Postcards

Do you want to know how to print postcards for a promotional campaign properly? There are a few important steps that you should follow with regards to postcard printing that can net you the success you want in business. To help you out, below are the eight steps on how to start your way into a postcard printing marketing campaign correctly.


1. Pick your targets:

The initial step in a marketing campaign using color postcards is to pick your targets. Do you want to spread your marketing message to everyone? Or do you want to focus on specific people. You might want to target higher classes for your luxury services, or you may want to go for a more mass audience in the middle class. By identifying who you want to talk to, you will have a more efficient strategy in finding mailing lists for different locations and names with particular demographic characteristics. Once you get the mailing lists that you need, you are ready for a postcard marketing campaign.

2. Compose an inviting message:

Next, you need to write an effective marketing message for your color postcard. Try to write something that is inviting, but never quite reveals everything that they can expect from the event, service or product that you are marketing for. Tell your readers of the possible benefits and tempt them with a promotional price or free service. Also, try to have some sort of mystery about the products which can encourage them to learn more about it.

3. Write catchy taglines:

Besides the main message, do not forget as well to write a catchy tagline. Tag lines may sound corny, but they are actually your keys to message retention. People have a high chance of remembering tag lines because they are made so that our memories have an easier time storing them. Rhymes and repeating first letters are a few of the effective ways that you can do to write your taglines. Examples of these kinds of tag lines include, “Barney’s Best and Bonafide Beef Bulgogi” or “Nothing like a car to get you far”. Of course you can think of better ones, but you should get the idea. People remember these tag lines so your postcard marketing campaign can really succeed if you do this.

4. Invitation to participate:

Once you have the postcard’s message all figured out. Invite your readers to participate by putting in the steps for buying or the steps on how to avail of the service. Entice them that it is very easy and that it is relatively affordable. Try words like “Send your order now!” or “Call us up toll free at”. The easier it sounds the better. If you did your phrases right you should get quite a few people interested in what your message has to offer.

5. Add in a sense of urgency:

Another good trick for a postcard message is to add in a sense of urgency. This makes people want to grab the opportunity as fast as they can. This can be something like a warning phrase like “hurry! Valid only until supplies last”, or it can also be a deadline like “offers only until May 15″. By adding this sense of urgency, you can get your readers to act earlier and faster giving you a better chance of success.

6. Proof-reading and critique:

Once your postcard message is done, your next step is quality control. First proof-read your postcard design by analyzing the message and the images if they are done correctly. Next, test out your concept postcards by showing rough drafts of them to several people and getting their reactions. Edit the designs accordingly when the response is negative.

7. Postcard Printing:

Once your designs are all ready, you should be now thinking of printing postcards. The best way to do this, especially if you have hundreds of postcards to print is to hire a postcard printing service. There are many of these services online, just try to find the right printing quotations and you should be all set for printing. You can send your designs and your payment electronically to them and you should have your marketing postcards delivered to you in no time.

8. Distribution:

When the postcards arrive then you can now send your postcards to the people that you want. Just use your mailing list that you got earlier to send your various postcards over the postal service and you should be all set! Your Postcard marketing campaign should already be underway.

Those are the eight steps to start a postcard printing campaign. As you can see the process is pretty straightforward and easy. So you won’t have to worry about any lack of skills. Good Luck!

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