See your favourite artists images while listening their music.

Songbird Widget is a fancy music player for your Android gear. This widget has the particularity of showing images of the artists while you are listening to their music. It lets you search for your music in a very simple way with the browse feature, once music is selected you will be able to select it through different categories such as: Playlists, Artits, Songs, Albums and Genres. You can also create and edit your Playlists.

Its clean interface makes it easy on the eye and the unique ‘now playing’ drawer allows you to see details of the song you’re playing, pictures of the artits through Flickr integration, and the option to share on Facebook.

What else?

This widget allows you to play music without taking up too much space of your Home Screen. It has a Lock-Screen option to avoid interrupting the music player when your Android Device is locked.

You can choose any song you like and set that track as your ringtone.

It supports headsets (both wired and Bluetooth), Bluetooth car audio, Audioscrobbler and share ‘now playing’ info with other apps.

Missing Features

We believe it’s important to let you know that there are some functions missing and others don’t work, for example:

  • SongBird Widget doesn’t provide you with any kind of support up the moment.
  • It doesn’t allow you to define a music folder.
  • The lock-screen control doesn’t work on every Android Device. ie: Samsung Galaxy 5 (Android 2.1) and HTC inspire (Android 2.2.1).

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