Smooth Calendar

A huge upgrade over the original calendar widget, Smooth Calendar is a must download for anyone who uses the calendar on their phone on a daily basis or even casually.
Smooth Calendar Widget Smooth CalendarSmooth Calendar is an Android widget that may seem simple at first, but is fully customizable and several very convenient and powerful options. Smooth Calendar is a widget app, which means it is a program that runs in your phones background and can be added to your phone’s desktop. The Android widget lets you plan your week and month ahead of time by setting up alerts on your phone that will alert you when your next dentist appointment is or when you must pick up your children from soccer. You can even setup easy alerts that will go off on certain days of the month, such as every second Thursday of the month or the first and last day of each month. This is very convenient for knowing when your next meeting is simply by glancing right at your android phones home.

Smooth Calendar Main Features:
Many different options and features, can show up to six different events
Smooth Calendar has one of the highest satisfaction rates currently off all android widgets, currently a 4.5 rating on the android market.
Can schedule events up to one year into the future!
Much more useful than the default android calendar program.
Ability to sync up with your google calendar on your desktop computer is painless and easy.
The only Smooth Calendar Downside:
One feature that is not customizable is the size of the Android widget that is displayed on the home screen. This would be a nice feature for those who have a large amount of events planned out and would like to see all of them on their phone. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed in a future update of Smooth Calendar.
There is no reason not to Smooth Calendar, and once you try it there is no going back to the default calendar app. The price for Smooth Calendar is free so for anyone who is looking for a more powerful calendar widget that the one which comes preinstalled with the Android O.S. should be very happy with Smooth Calendar. For those who are looking to get more organized or have events planned out ahead of time every month, Smooth Calendar is one of the best Android widgets for planning out your busy life.

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