Siine Keyboard

Change the default keyboard on your android enabled phone to make typing out messages quicker and easier.

Android smart phones are exploding in popularity and company Verizon alone sold over 15 million android mobile phones in 2011. However, one downside to the phones is the digital keyboard that can be frustrating and downright terrible at times. The good news is that is all about to change with Siine Keyboard, one of the best android widgets currently on the market. Siine Keyboard does one job, improve the digital keyboard and include new features such as shortcuts, the ability to insert items such as the time and date into your text message, and much more.

What Can Siine Keyboard Do?

There are multiple virtual keyboards you can download on the market, however, Siine Keyboard has many unique and few android widgets perform as strongly. One very nice feature Siine Keyboard has is the ability to make shortcuts known as “Siines.” If you frequently have to write up messages that contain the same text, you can make shortcuts instead. For example, if you want to type out to your loved one “what are you doing tonight” you can setup a shortcut instead with a few keystrokes.

Additional shortcut commands include time, day, and more buttons easily allow times and dates to be entered into your message extremely quick. The hand icon brings up premade shortcuts where you can send a complete message clicking on the easy to use buttons. The hand icon is arguably the best feature for Siine and many users will use this very frequently.

Do you like emoticons? Siine Keyboard lets you create personalized emoticons.

Siine Keyboard has also several other settings like:

  • Slang sets – You can configure a cool add-on slang such as Street, Aussie and Flirting.
  • Sexy delete – Fast text delete with a shake of your finger.
  • Stress Messages – When you are in a rush you can send fast predefined text like “talk you later” with a couple taps on the keyboard.

Siine Keyboard Interface

The interface for Siine is slick and easy to use. The keyboard letters are slightly bigger than the default Android keyboard that comes with the phone which is a huge help. Also, the keyboard is more light up making texting in the dark a much easier process.
If you use your phone for business and have to type a large amount of emails, texts, and other business related messages Siine Keyboard should be downloaded as soon as possible. If you are a social butterfly and love updating your twitter and Facebook feeds when you are on the go, having the most efficient and effective keyboard can save a tremendous amount of headache and time. Sending out text messages has never been easier with the use of the best android widgets available Siine Keyboard.


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