Retro Clock Widget

If you want to run a widget with a simple yet effective feel, look no further than Retro Clock Widget

Retro Clock Widget is a very easy to configure and lightweight clock and calendar Android widget available now for Android enabled phones. The Android widget places a large font time clock and calendar right on your phone’s home screen and is easy to move around and configure. The displayed items fit and look great on any desktop background and will not interfere with your other icons. Retro Clock Widget is a widget and not a program so this means that to utilize Retro Clock Widget, you must click and hold down where you would like to place the Android widget on your phone’s home screen, and from the drop down list select Retro Clock Widget. If you look in your applications folder, there will be no option for this widget because this app is a widget only, and does come in a program form. What’s the difference between widgets and apps?

Retro Clock Widget Main Features

  • Large and easy to read font, perfect for those who have poor eye sight or have difficult reading small fonts on their phone when checking the time or date.
  • Gives the home screen a new and classy look.
  • If you have limited room on your phone, Retro Clock Widget is perfect as it is very lightweight and does not take up a large amount of your phone’s hard drive space.
  • Widget syncs up to your alarm clock and calendar allowing you to setup the widget very easily.
  • Ability to change the time format to military or standard time and the ability to format the date to dd/mm/yy, yy/dd/mm/, or mm/dd/yy.

Retro Clock Widget Possible Problems

  • No option to see seconds in the clock
  • Lack of optimized the length and size of the widget

If you are looking for a new clock and calendar widget, Retro Clock Widget gets the job done right. If you are afraid of having a ton of programs and Android widgets running in your phone’s background and slowing it down, you will have no worries with this widget as it is very lightweight and will not slow your phone down at all. This Android widget is free to download with no additional costs and runs great all on android enabled phones. If you use your calendar on a daily basis and would like fast access to it or like to have a big font clock, Retro Clock Widget is one of the best Android widgets.

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