Retro Camera

What about having your shelves full of vintage cameras? Nice hobby, right?

This is possible with Retro Camera Widget for Android. Actually this widget gives you the opportunity of choosing between 5 different old cameras. Each one has particular features such as colour cast, film frame, contrast, use cases, etc.

These cameras are inspired by the Lomo, Holga, Polaroid, Diana, the toy cameras and Hipstamatic.

Giving you an example:

One of the five cameras is called as Xolaroid 2000. Its inspiration is obvious! We love the candid snapshots this camera produces; every shot is a keeper. Blue / Green cross processing effects and timeless contrast. Black and white option for that classic touch.

Moreover, the widget’s settings will let you configure things like:

  • Self Timer (to take pictures of yourself)
  • High Resolution (Better resolution, but you may experience noticeably longer development time)
  • Frames (Develop with film frames)
  • Flash, Focus and Iso Settings
  • Store Location (Geotag your prints with your current GPS position)
  • Show Intro (Shed light into the confusion)
  • Native Acceleration (Faster but reduced quality in some hardware)
  • In-Memory Treatment (Much faster, but requires a lot of memory)
  • Viewfinder Fix (Try using this if your viewffinder is all black)

About the Gallery

This Android Widget includes a beautiful gallery format to preview your photos. From there you can also share your pictures with friends using Facebook, Twitter or any other application which lets you share them.

Lastly you can send any suggestions to the developers by emailing them from the main options.

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