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What are you going to cook today?

Recipe Search Widget lets you search for recipes by title or by individual ingredients that you have or want. This Android Widget also allows you to speak the ingredients you already have in the fridge to find all the possible recipes. Recipe Search Widget includes tons of recipe categories such as: main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, ethnic recipes, soups, stews and diet recipes.

Getting started by the DashBoard

This is the main screen of the Android Widget. Here you will find the following menus:

RecipeSearch Ingredients Recipe Search

  • Search: Type or Say the recipe you need or the ingredients you have to find feasible cooking instructions.
  • All Categories: You can find recipes by different categories, for example; Main Dishes; Bread & Baked Goods; Snacks, etc.
  • Bookmarks: Recipe Search Widget gives you the opportunity to save your favourite recipes.
  • What’s new?: You will find the following sub-menus: Top Recipes, Newest, Pictures, Comments, Forum Comments, Top Searches. For example, The Top Recipes section is a list of the last recipes that have been added to the bookmarks. It changes daily, so you will have different popular recipes throughout the year.
  • Forums: Discuss cooking and recipes with people interested in health and food in general. You will find the following topics in the forum; cooking equipment, favorite recipes, baking, preserving, vegan cooking, diabetic meals, coffee discussions and diet forum. You will be allowed to send/receive private messages between forum members if you create a Recipe Search Widget Account.
  • My Recipes: You will need a Recipe Search Widget account to access here. From here you will be able to upload your own recipes.
  • My Profile: You can create an account.

More Features:

Apart from submitting your own recipes, this widget you can take pictures of your impressive creations and upload them besides the recipes. Furthermore, you can share the cooking instructions with your friends through facebook, twitter, email, SMS, etc.

Recipe Search Widget lets you choose your personal theme between 9 different options.

You can get in contact with the developers of the Android Widget in case you have doubts or suggestions by emailing them at: Menu > Feedback.


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