Quit Now!

Give up smoking with your Android Device.

Quit Now! Widget helps you to quit smoking by tracking your smoked amount of cigarettes, spent money, etc. This Android widget needs you to input some information such as daily amount of cigarettes, price of pack, etc. to track your behavior.

QuitNow Sample Quit Now!

You must go to ‘Preferences Menu > Your Details’ in order to load your personal information into Quit Now! Widget.

What kind of information does Quit Now! Widget track?

This widget will keep an eye on the following items:

  • The date you quit smoking
  • Days without smoking
  • Cigarettes not smoked
  • Money Saved
  • Time Saved

Apart from the information listed above, Quit Now! Widget will show you different health information on the ‘Health’ menu. There you will find the following data expressed in percentage:

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) and O2 (Oxygen) levels back to normal.
  • ‘Sudden Death’ risk lowered.
  • Taste and Smell senses regained.
  • Standardization of Respiratory Function.
  • Elimination of physical dependence on nicotine.
  • Improvement of blood circulation and skin hydration, and dissapearence of premature wrinkles.
  • Physical condition improved.
  • Heart disease death risk reduced to half.
  • Risk of developing lung cancer at same level as non-smoker.

Innovative attributes

This Android widget has implemented a very interesting feature called ‘Achievements’. This option is available from the main menu and will be immensely useful when you want to quit smoking, it will boost your self-confidence and phycologycal impulse.

There are 15 achievements to unlock such as; 10000 cigarettes not-smoked, you saved 1,000$ or you saved 7 days of your life.

Other feature that might have a big impact and could influence you to forget about cigarettes forever is the Gallery option. There you will see the most scrupulous pictures about the effects of smoking in your body.

Even More

You can share your statistics with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, etc. In case you need support, you can go to Help menu to send your suggestions, doubts or feedback to the Android widget’s developers.

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