Open Pandora’s Music Box and Listen to Your Favorite Music

Pandora Widget is a must-have for anyone who loves music. And if that isn’t you, then you’re on the wrong planet. This Android widget is an adaptation of the popular web-oriented music streaming service known as Pandora (who would’ve guessed?). This service involves what are known as “Pandora stations” — much like with radio stations, Pandora stations play sets of music, depending on what station you’re on.

But unlike the typical radio station, each Pandora station is based on specific artists; and their respective set lists, other than that artist, are all based on artists and songs that sound like them. Sounds too good to be true, right? And now that the Pandora Widget exists, you’ll be finding your new favorite musicians from the comfort of your own phone.

But How is It Possible?

You mean the fact that it can figure out what you’ll enjoy, based on the musician whose station you’re on? Well, Pandora has something called the “Music Genome Project,” which they consider to be “the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken.” They have a team of musician-analysts, who listen to music, song by song, and collect as many musical details as they can for each one.

These analysts analyze everything from melody to rhythm to lyrics and more. Even now, they’re probably analyzing the newest hit song, making sure they keep every station on Pandora as up-to-date as possible. And whether it’s a hit song or a simple indie track someone recently uploaded, they will likely hear it and link it to whatever stations are most fitting.

There’s also a nifty “Quickmix” feature in Pandora. This let’s you mix up all your stations, choosing music with all your musical tastes taken into account. Yay for diversity!

Android Specs

The Pandora Widget may be all about Pandora, but there are also several specific features of this Android widget that makes it more than just a rehash of the website from whence it came:

  • Pandora On-the Go – Since Pandora’s Android widget is…well…an Android widget, you have access to Pandora anywhere, as long as you have service on your phone. Think of this as having an mp3 player that scuffles the web for music of your taste, without you even having to own the tracks yourself. And if you DO want to own the music, tapping “buy” will take you to a place on your phone to do just that.
  • Android Integration – Considering this is an Android widget, it only makes sense that it would integrate the core features of an Android phone. For one thing, tapping is involved. You have controls on this Android widget, such as Like, Dislike, Play/Pause, Skip. And once you choose a station to play, you can simply return to the home screen and continue controlling your station from Pandora’s Android widget. Which brings us to an integration that deserves its own bullet…
  • Played in the Background – As an Android widget, Pandora is able to stay open whilst you do other things on your phone. When you open up a station on the Pandora Widget, it will continue playing it in the background while you do other things, such as browsing the web or checking email.

Note: Unfortunately Pandora is only available for people located in the US.

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