OnePunch Notes

This Little Guy Will Help You Forget About Forgetting

OnePunch Notes Widget is perfect for anyone who tends to forget things. If you’re like me, you also suffer from a bad case of procrastination. It’s a tough “disease” to deal with, and will often get you in loads of trouble, whether you are in school or work a day job. Trust me, it’s not a good thing to forget your assignments…

But lucky for us, this Android widget showed up. In this day and age, most people carry around cell phones. It’s an essential part of life now. So in that respect, the easiest solution to stop forgetting is through an Android widget like this. And with so many useful features involved, the OnePunch Notes Widget is, some might say, the cure for procrastination.

The Cure for Procrastination

Uh oh… Did you forget to do something again? I know that feeling… And I often used to wish I could get myself to do things ahead of time, without constantly forgetting about it. That’s why I’m glad that the OnePunch Notes Widget has come into existence. Now, you’ll still need the motivation to get the work done, but with this Android widget reminding you about your assignments, you may actually become a little more productive.

Look at this widget as a sort of to-do list (going pro will actually give you a more official to-do list). That, or just a notepad you can use to remember things. When you need to get something done, whether for school, work, or just buying groceries, just open up your homescreen and you can check what needs to be done. It’s that easy. Of course, now you just need to remind yourself to look at it…

Controlling is a Snap

Yes, controlling is indeed a snap. Even if you aren’t a fluent English speaker, which is this Android widget’s favored language, you can still find your way around it. That’s because symbols are used to portray functions, making it very fluid and easy-to-use. And not only do these symbols really make this Android widget easy to use, but it makes it look pretty awesome as well.

OnePunch Stability

It should be noted (OnePunch style) that this is one stable Android widget. With it, be prepared to have zero lag, zero bugs, zero crashes, and zero problems. Sorry if that makes you disappointed for some reason.

Going for Pro & Affordability

It can be determined, especially in this economy (if you’re American, at least) that most people will always go with the free version of any app. However, going pro with this one wouldn’t be any problem at all. I’m serious. It’s about a dollar. And no, it isn’t like Angry Birds, where you pay the extra money to simply get rid of the ads. There are actually several more things you can get by paying the 101 measly cents:

  • Calendar
  • Anniversary management
  • Lock folder
  • Camera/photo/paint/voice record/music file attachment
  • Contacts/map attachment
  • To-do list that you can use to manage things to do, such as a shopping list
  • Note widget that you can stick photo, paint, voice record, music, or to-do list to
  • All notes list widget
  • Calendar (Monthly/Weekly) widget
  • D-day widget
  • Quick note widget
  • Support free TTF fonts

As you can clearly see, going pro will garner you a lot more features. In fact, you get more features than you begin with. If you don’t take advantage of the amazing deal that is OnePunch Notes Pro, I’ll go OnePunch you in the face for not taking such a sweet deal.

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