NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus

Protect your phone from unwanted viruses and spyware with NQ Mobile

A new problem that once on bothered computer users and is now plaguing Smartphone users is getting virus or spyware on their devices. If you store sensitive business related information or do processes such as online banking on your phone, you may want to help protech your yourself by an android widget such as NQ Mobile.

Why Use NQ Mobile?

Protect yourself from criminals: Cell phone hackers can access your phone and your most personal information such as cell phone records, text messages, emails, and even check and bank account numbers.

Scan for Malware or Viruses: If your phone has been recently acting very slow and sluggish or have been receiving unwanted pop ups you may have a virus or malware program installed. These programs are installed on your phone unintentionally and can slow your phone down tremendously, show advertisements and pop ups against your will, and even install keyword loggers to access your passwords. NQ Mobile will scan your phone and see if any of these programs is located on your device. From there, it will delete them and make sure your phone is clean.

Firewall: A great way to protect your phone and prevent these malware and viruses from being installed is by using a firewall.

Anti Theft Features: Anti theft features that come with NQ mobile include the very handy locate your device. Using the GPS on your phone, if it ever lost or stolen you can easily find it and track it down. Also, if you do believe your cell phone has been stolen you can delete the information on your phone from your home computer preventing your most personal information from being accessed.

Backup: Backing up your phone’s contact and other information can be difficult, however, NQ Mobile has a nice feature which does it for you and makes a complete backup of your phone that you can store on your computer.

Monitor Data Usage: If you worry about hitting your data limits NQ Mobile android widget can show you how much data you are using.

As you can see, NQ Mobile is a great way to protect your information in addition to having many great features. There are currently over 1.2 million users utilizing NQ Mobile and protecting themselves from cyber hackers and other thieves. If you are worried about keeping oyur private information safe, would like to protect your phone from viruses or malware, or want to locate your phone if you ever misplace it NQ Mobile will have you covered.

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