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Record and share your GPS tracks with My Tracks Widget for Android

My Track Widget lets you record your GPS tracks and visualize your hiking, biking, running or any other outside activity while watching live performance statistics. This Android widget allows you to easily archive your training history with Google Docs and Google My Maps, then you can share your activities/statistics with friends through GmailTwitter and Facebook.

What information does My Tracks manage?

After you’ve recorded an activity (like running, biking, etc) from Menu > Record, you will be able to check the following information about your track: speed, max/average speed, total distance, total time, moving time, elevation, min/max grade, latitude and longitude.

This Android widget also provides you with a detailed graphic which displays the elevation and the speed through the crossed distance.

Your tracks will automatically be saved into the ‘Tracks’ Menu.

Additional information captured by sensors

My Tracks Widget uses the GPS sensor in your Android device to record the path you took while you were doing an activity. After you finished your work-out, this Android widget lets you check the ‘Sensor State’ by going to Menu > More > Sensor State. From there you will be able to find detailed information like Sensor Data Time, Cadence, Power, Heart Rate, etc.

My Tracks Widget allows you to record data from the following external sensors:

  • Zephyr Technology Consumer HxM Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • Polar Bluetooth heart rate monitor
  • ANT heart rate monitors – requieres an ANT-compatible Android.
  • SRM power meters, speed, and cadence sensors  – requieres an ANT-compatible Android device.
  • My Tracks will support more sensors in the near future according to its developers.

Appart from sharing your tracks, this Android widget allows you to save your circuits into your SD Card as GPX, KML, CSV or TCX file. Then you will be able to import/export them to/from your Android device by going to Menu > Tracks.

Support and Feedback

In case you have any issues or suggestions you can contact the developers by visiting our Android widget developers directory.

Lastly, it’s very important to be aware that My Tracks is run by volunteers and Googlers in their spare time. If you would like to contribute, please visit:


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