My Money

An easy way for individuals and families to manage their monthly expenses and keep a budget

A major problem many couples have and which ultimately end many marriages is money problems. In tough economic times, it is important to manage your money properly and keep a budget for expenses. However, it can be difficult to keep a budget book with you at all times. The good news is that most people always have their phone on them for the majority of the day. My Money Android widget is the newest way to monitor and graph out your monthly expenses versus your monthly income completely on your Android enabled telephone.

Easy to use but very powerful and useful

My money is an extremely easy Android widget to setup and figure out how to use, but this does not mean the widget is not powerful and very useful. There are several different tabs you can use within the program including accounts, budgets, transactions, and statistics.

  • Accounts Tab: This allows you to setup multiple accounts depending on if you have different bank accounts, such as a business account or a personal account. Most individuals who do not own a small business will only need one tab.
  • Budgets: This tab will let you plan out your budget for the month. You can allocate a certain amount of money for expenses such as food, rent, cloths, utilities, and all of your other minor expenses. This will show easy to see graphs that will show when you have used up your budget or how much you can spend until the month is over. This is one of the most important features about this excellent android widget and for many people to save money; they must have a detailed and secure budget in place.
  • Transactions: The transactions tab is whenever you receive a paycheck or spend any money, you will note it down in this tab. This means that if you eat out at a restaurant, you will not it here under food as an expense.
  • Statistics: From here, you can see graphs for your various expenses and revenue sources and puts everything in perspective.
  • Voice Recognition: One of the most innovative features of this Android widget allows you to insert expenses through voice messages, it’s awesome!!!

My Money is one of the top Android widgets available and is perfect for those who like me; need to keep a budget to make sure I don’t spend out of my means. Seeing the various graphs allow you to get a full view of where you money goes each month and where you can improve on your saving and spending.

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