My Days – Period & Ovulation

Are you a Woman? Would you like to track your period and ovulation?

My Days Period & Ovulation Widget lets women follow up their period, ovulation and fertility. You can see your estimated Periods in the next Months and your high fertility days in order to get pregnant or not. For additional information you may add the days when your period stopped, when you had sex and when you took your pill.

My Days Period & Ovulation Widget gives you the possibility to track several Calendars, so you may share this widget with other women in your family or with a good friend.

How does this Android Widget work?

Youu just select the day where you need to enter information and press on it, a manu will come up with the following options:

  • Add ‘Start Period’
  • Add ‘End Period’
  • Add ‘Had Sex’
  • Add ‘Took Pill’
  • Add ‘BMT’ (Basal Metabolic Temperature)
  • Add ‘Note’

-Clear Day-

After adding your personal information, future periods and fertile days will be automatically calculated and displayed in the calendar of the Android Widget.


It provides you with 4 Android Widgets

  • Mini 1: Days till your next Period.
  • Mini 2: Days till your next Ovulation and if you are high fertile today or not.
  • Large 1: Overview till your next Period and Ovulation.
  • Large 2: Graphic with today in the middle/left and what happend in the past (top line) and in the future (bottom line).

Innovative Features

Show as List: See all your entries in a listview. When you press on

Menu you can send this history by email, for example, to your doctor.

You can also view a Graphic Chat for your BMT Datas. While you swype your finger on the touchscreen left/right you change the time and with up/down you zoom in and out.

User Management: You can access from Menu > Preferences. This widget allows you to configure several users and manage different calendars.

Set Cycle Length: Choose a start Cycle (15-99 Days) and choose if after the first cycle all further cycles lenght come automatically calculated (approximate lenght from past cycles).


Set Period Lenght: Choose a start Length (2-10 Days) and choose if after the first period (close with ‘End Period’) the lenght should come automatically calculated (aproximate lenght from past periods). The widget developer recommends you to set up Fiexed Days ‘OFF’ and activate automatic calculation.

Change Colors: You can set your favourite color for each action (Period started, Took Pill, etc.)

Save/Load User Data: This widget lets you backup/restore your User Data to/from your SD-Card.

Different Languages: It supports the following languages; English, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish , French and Chinese.  My Days Period & Ovulation Widget also gives you the opportunity to create your own Language Patterns. You can check the developer’s website to learn how to do this.

Support: You can contact the developer by email in case you have any doubts or suggestions.

One tip before downloading My Days Period & Ovulation Widget

Apart from providing you the Market’s link to download this Android Widget, we made available the direct link from developer’s website because we found out that there are some problems with the Android Market link. (For example; according to Market this app wasn’t compatible with our Android Device, but it actually is.)

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