My Data Manager

Never again get caught off guard going over your allocated data when it comes to your phone plan.

When it comes to android phones, many people have a 2 gig or 4 gig data limit. Every time you check your email, Facebook, or download new apps you are use data and many phone plans have a set limit on data. It is nearly impossible to monitor how much data you are using when doing these tasks, and if you use android apps such as google listen to download your favorite podcasts automatically, you can be downloading new and large mp3 files that can use a large amount of data. The good news is that My Data Manager maintains and tracks all of your data use can even warn you if you are getting close to your data plan limit before going over.

My Data Manager Free Features:

  • Track your Data Charges: You can always see how much data you have unused data you have left for the month. You can even see how many days remaining until your next bill date so you can plan ahead with your data.
  • See Which Programs Are Using The Most Data: If you are reaching your data limit and have no idea why, My Data Manager can explain exactly why. My Data Manager android widget will provide a breakdown by percentage and how many megabytes are being used by your various programs. For example, if you have skype running in the background of your phone and you see that it is using 40% of your data, you may wish to uninstall the program.
  • Two Different Versions: My Data Manager has two versions, a free version which displays advertisements at the top and a paid version that costs $4.00 with no advertisements. The advertisements on the free version are not very intrusive and are not that big of a distraction, so getting the paid version is not absolutely essential.

If you have a 2 or 4 gig data plan and are running close or even over your limit, installing My Data manager is an absolute must. You can keep an Android widget on your phone’s home screen at all times and always monitor how much data you can use before hitting your limit. My Data Manager android widget can potentially save yourself a ton of money, so do yourself a favor and download it today.

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