Mood Scanner

A fun android widget to liven up the mood at your next party or social event

Mood scanner is a simple designed Android widget that tries to reflect the mood or how you are feeling at the time of use. Once the widget is opened, the user can press his or her finger on the screen and a futuristic science futuresque scanner will then scan and analyze your print.

Mood Scanner Unique Features

  • Over 80 different mode selections depending on how you are feeling throughout the day. Some of the moods include elated, gleeful, merry, joyous, and sunny.
  • Different settings for both male and female.
  • Futuristic and slick user interface. Mood scanner Android widget takes advantage of the graphical displays the Android platform has and makes full use of it.
  • The next time you at a party or social event, break out Mood Scanner! The widget is an absolute blast to play with other people and is most enjoyed when used with a group of other people.
  • Mood Scanner can easily be accessed on your android enabled device home screen. Having the ability to open up this Android widget from the home screen gives easy access to it at all times which is very handy and convenient. You can use the widget straight from your home screen and you will not have to open a program at all.
  • Fun and unique emoticons are used in addition to the word of the mood this widget picks for you. They are very cute and often very humorous.
  • Mood Scanner is lightweight and does not use a large amount of your phone’s internal memory space.

Mood scanner is a fun Android widget that does not take itself seriously. Of course, there is no science or other options that the widget comes to its conclusion; it is simply a lightweight and fun way to kill some time on your android enabled phone.

Mood Scanner is best used when with a group of friends and you guys want a lighthearted way to kill some of time and have a few laughs. Mood Scanner is free to download and the Android widget only takes up 653k of space, so it will not be a drag on your phones internal memory or memory card. The team is always looking for new suggestions for Mood Scanner and if you are looking for some fun, Mood Scanner is the widget to try.

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