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Reading books on your Android device has never been so easy as with Kobo eBooks.

This Android widget lets you build and take your own library with you wherever you go. Kobo eBooks Widget provides you with millions of titles for free which are available  to you right on the palm of your hand. This widget also bookmars your eBooks automatically when you stop reading them, this way you always return to the last page read. Morover, you can customize the font style and text size to improve your reading. Kobo eBooks Widget lets you create notes and highlight the phrases which are important to you.

3 Different ways to find an eBook

  • Discover Lists – (In this menu you will find the following topics; Featured, What’s new, Most popular, NY Times Bestsellers, Cheap reads, etc.)
  • Browse Categories (Here the books will be classified by the following categories; Business & Finance, Computers, Entertainment, Fiction, History, etc.)
  • Search (You can type and look for ebooks by title, author, etc.)

Import your eBooks

Kogo eBook Widget searchs your memory card for items that can be imported into your library. You can seletct some or all of these items once they’re found. In Addition, this widget gives you the opportunity to remove the originals files from the memory card. We consider importing your eBooks as one of the most amazing features of this Android widget because all the ebooks you import will be displayed in the same format as your downloaded Kobo ones, really interesting.

What is Reading Life? How can this feature help you to improve your reading habits?

Reading Life makes reading more fun, social and meaningful. You can learn about your reading habits and earn awards while you read. Share books and passages with Facebook friends and track your reading stats. You get started by opening any book in your library.

Take a look at the Reading Life’s features and menus:

This Android widget will inform you how many hours you read since you started your first book. This also shows you the current book’s reading progress and different metrics like reading time and pages turned.
In addition, Kobo eBooks keeps track of how many books you completed, total pages turned, amount pages you read per hour, minutes and pages per session, average hours per book and more.

Awards celebrate milestones in your reading life, like starting a new book or reading though the night. There are 18 different awards available to unlock.

See when you earned an award and review your reading life activity. Access them from the Notifications item in the Options Menu.

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