Juice Defender – Battery Saver

Would you like to extend your battery life in a very easy way?

Juice Defender Widget lets you extend the battery life of your Android Device. This Android widget is a powerful and easy to use tool which provides you with with smart functions. For example, Juice Defender Widget automatically and transparently manages the most battery draining components, like 3G/4G connectivity and WiFi. One of the best features of this widget is that you can fully customize your settings through an easy interface.

Checking out the main featues

First of all, you must set Juice Defender as enabled to start saving battery life. You can do it from the main Status tab. In case a task killer widget is detected, Juice Defender will recommend you not to include it into the task killer’s list.

You can choose and set different profiles such as; Balanced, Aggresive or Extreme. Let’s take a look at the profile’s specifications:

  • Balanced – It will offer a very noticeable improvement in the battery life, with as little impact as possible on the normal operation of your Android device. This profile is also a recommended starting point for customization.
  • Aggresive – It will ensure that your dying battery will last as much as possible. It normally works like a slightly more juice-saving version of the balanced profile, but when the battery gets low it will keep connectivity disabled.
  • Extreme – This profile will disable connectivity by default, saving a lot of juice; you can quickly enable connectivity when you need it by simply pulling down the notification ‘drawer’ and tapping on Juice Defender’s entry. You can also automate this by configuring (whitelist) the apps that you really need to access the internet. (you need to upgrade to Juice Defender Plus or Ultimate in order to can use this profile)

Notification Bar: Enabling this option, you will be able to check Juice Defender’s status in the notification bar.

Backup, Restore & Support

Settings and locations are backed up automatically each week. They will be retrieved for manual restore next time you do a fresh install of Juice Defender. E.g: On a new Android device.

What about Support?
In case you have any problems/suggestions or you found a bug you can contact the widget developers by going to the ‘About’ tab and pressing on the ‘Support & Feedback’ button.

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