Meet a Calender on Steroids

Jorte Widget is no ordinary personal organizer. Personal organizers should be simple, practical, and and well-designed. But most virtual personal organizers fail to satisfy this criteria. I mean, those normal paper-based personal organizers have satisfied the masses for years, so shouldn’t an Android widget be as similar to those as possible?

The answer is yes.

And of course, this is exactly why we have the Jorte Widget. Designed for the main purpose of practicality, this Android widget comes as close as many Android widgets try to be. It’s simple. It’s practical. It looks good. What more could you ask for?


For your convenience, this Android widget is made simple. It’s so easy to use, it’s not even funny. Okay, so maybe it’s a LITTLE funny, seeing how you have that surprised look upon your face. Yes, this Android widget is easy to use when compared to the more complex personal organizers you may have used in the past.


The Jorte Widget was built on the solid ground of practicality. It’s a replacement for Google Calendar, or any other you may have, and it’s a good one at that. The goal of this Android widget was to mimic a paper personal organizer, and they certainly got the practicality part down (perhaps even to a “T”).

As something designed to be practical, there’s one thing we all know Jorte just has to have – customization. Well, sure enough, it does. You can choose from a variety of different views, from a monthly overview to several weekly views, and even an agenda view. This is highly useful in that it allows you to choose whichever view you work better with and use it.

You can also tie this Android widget with Google Calendar and use them as one. You don’t have to, but it’s useful to have that option, since some people may want to avoid having to switch between different calendar widgets.

Whether you use the Jorte Android widget or the app is entirely up to you. If you prefer to use the widget to access your calendar, there are many widget sizes to choose from. You can also determine the font size and the transparency of the widget with relative ease. And there’s also the option of which type to use, whether monthly, weekly, or agenda. But like I said, Jorte Android widget was designed to be practical.


There are several visual things Jorte has going for it. For one thing, it’s a very simple visual style, whichever you choose. There are various skins you can choose from, which allows you to make your calendars look however you want. And you don’t even have to choose from the list, because you also have the option of choosing what colors you want to use, making it a pretty customizable visual experience.

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