Iron Man Magazine

Do you workout regularly? Would you like to get some tips for improving your training?

Iron Man Magazine Widget provides you with the lastest information on bodybuilding. In this widget you will find different categories such as: Stories, Photos, Videos, Blogs, Exercises and Product Reviews. When you first launch the reader, you will be presented with the lastest headlines for the current category. Swipe left or right on the category titles at the top of the screen to quickly move through several categories at once.

The main difference between Iron Man Magazine and other widgets is the quantity and quality of the topics. For example; you will learn that it’s better to drink milk to replenish lost fluids instead of sports drinks or even water, because of the protein. Apart from Nutrition facts you will get information on topics like Training and Lifestyle.

How much time do you spend training abs?

Iron Man Magazine Widget says that it’s enough with 5 to 10 minutes daily (A couple of efficient sets of two or three exercices max). This widget will also give you workout tips for several other muscles such as: Arms, Chest, Legs, Shoulders and Back.

More features:

If you want to remember some specific articles or any special muscles routine you can save those articles and then find them in the Saved Folder. Apart from that you can download all the articles you want for offline use purposes.

Iron Man Magazine gives you the possibility of sharing interesting articles with friends by Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, SMS, etc.

Lastly, it includes Help and FAQ menus and the widget developers also give you the chance of emailing them in case you need support.

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