Instagram for Android is now available

Instagram for Android is now available

The most popular photo app has arrived to Android. Instagram Android widget lets you upload and share your photos to the social network Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Foursquare (Flickr coming up soon). You can select a wide range of filtered effects to your photos before you share them with your friends. For example, you are travelling to your office and just saw a banner of a new film you would want to assist with your friends. Then, you can take a picture from wherever you are in a taxi, bus, train, etc. and share it instantaneously with the friends you would like to watch it.

Nowadays, it’s important to know that Instagram not only is an app for taking photos with nice effects but it’s also a social network recently bought by Facebook Inc for 1 billion dollar. According to Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Instagram will still continue working with rival social networks.

Main Android Instagram Features:

  • First of all, we have to say that Instagram for Android is completely free and it also avoids including ads. There are other excellent Photo Apps like; Retro Camera, Pixlr-o-Matic and so, which are really great apps too, but they fall in the rankings because of the ads.
  • It supports OpenGL ES 2 and is compatible with Android Versions 2.2 and above.
  • You can take pictures using both front and back camera of your Android device.
  • After a couple of updates, the Android developers have included move to SD option.
  • Instagram provides you with 32 filters such as; Normal, Amaro, Hudson, Rise, Sierra, X-Pro. Lo-fi, etc.

Do you need some help with Instagram for Android?

If so, you can check the following Instagram Android Tutorial which will help you on how to use Instagram for Android.

[highlight]It would be great that you let us know your feedback about what you think about Instagram for Android and what new features would you add to this amazing photo application. [/highlight]

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