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Would you like to get instantant updates on upcoming movies and TV series in just one screen touch? Awsome, right?

You can get the most recent news about movies, TV series, celebrities and lots more information with IMDb Widget. This widget provides you with over 1.5 million movie and TV titles, and information on over 3.2 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors and other crew members.

It also brings you detailed information on the selected movies and TV Series such us:

  • Genere
  • Raiting
  • Trailer
  • Release date
  • Cast
  • Synopsis
  • News
  • Reviews and comments

Which are the next premiere movies in your city?

Apart from looking for movies and series, IMDb Widget lets you know about movie and theater showtimes in your town. You can set your location and select the date you want to go, then the widget will alert you about the upcoming premieres and current playing movies/shows.

You can check the movies out by the following topics:

  • Cooming soon
  • US Box Office Results
  • MoviMeter (most vieved titles on IMDb)
  • Top 250 movies (as voted by IMDb users)
  • Bottom 100 films (as voted by IMDb users)
  • Popular Movies by genre
  • New on DVD & Blu-Ray (It also gives you the opportunity of buying them at Amazon)
  • Best Picture Winners

Nothing to do tonight?

Why don’t you give a look to US TV Tonight and check what series are going to be played that night on TV. This information is displayed by time and the widget also provides you the name of the channel.

Lastly, you are allowed to send to the widget developers your feedback by emailing them at: Settings > About > Feedback.

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