Finally Microsoft Hotmail arrives to Android.

Hotmail Android widget lets you manage your Hotmail account through your Android device. This Android widget basically allows you to give Hotmail the same use as with your computer but from your phone. You can send/receive emails, sync calendar and contacts, view attachments, folders and sub-folders and much more.

How to get started with Hotmail Widget

First of all you should configure your account. You can open Hotmail from the Apps Menu and introduce your email and password.

Once you have your account added you will be able to add this Android widget to your homescreen. From there, you can access your last emails without opening the app nor the browser. Apart from checking new emails you will have the opportunity to delete, reply, forward, move to folder and save to calendar.

General Settings

Hotmail Widget has 4 tabs on the main scree; Home, All Emails, User-name and Search. You can access the General Settings by going to Home and pressing Menu > General Settings.

How do you want your device to notify you when a new email arrives? You can set message, audio and/or vibration notifications.

Password Protection. This Android widget lets you enable the application lock feature which will protect Hotmail by setting a secure pin-code (8 or more characters, at the least one number and letter).

Account Settings

You can access Account Settings by going to Username’s tab and pressing Menu > Account Settings. From there you will be able to configure different settings for your Hotmail account.

Below, you can see a description of the main features to configure:

  • Time Limit – Set the time of your displayed emails. E.g.: Past 7 days, Past 14 days, etc.
  • Signature – This Android widget lets you add a signature to your emails. You can automatically add the signature to new, replied and forwarded emails.
  • Email read format – HTML or Plain Text.
  • Folders – Hotmail widget lets you indicate which folders you want to sync.
  • Calendar – From there you will be able to enable/disable Contact & Calendar synchronization.
  • Synchronization Type – According to giving the proper use to Android widgets, Hotmail Widget allows you to set the frequency in which you want to sync your account. E.g.: Manually, every 15, 30, 60 minutes, etc.

Our Feedback

Lastly, we think that it’s a good initiative from Microsoft to include its Hotmail service for Android. However, we believe that they could greatly improve the look and feel of this Android widget. Honestly the design is not good and the usability is not easy enough for inexpert users. However, it’s better than nothing…

What do you think about Hotmail Widget for Android? Let us know your feedback in the comments.

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