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What do you think about sending free SMS to more than 45 countries? Awesome, right?

HeyWire is an all-in-one Android widget which lets you send free unlimited SMS, chat with your Facebook friends and send free text messages to Twitter. Your friends don’t need to have HeyWire Widget installed to reply to you. One of the most interesting features of this Android widget is that it provides you with a real US phone number. This way, you will be able to send free texts and manage the HeyTweets function (HeyTweets is the first and only global Text-to-Twitter Service which includes Twitter notifications).

What are the main HeyWire Widget features?

  • Basic Phones Supported – You can use HeyWire Widget to reach friends with any SMS-capable phones.
  • Facebook Chat – You can see your online Facebook friends and chat with them through this Android widget.
  • Group Messaging & HeyTweets – HeyWire Widget lets you send messages up to 10 friends at once via SMS and Facebook Chat. You can also send Tweets through SMS by adding the number 40404 (responses from friends remain private).
  • Smart SMS – This widget provides you with an auto-response function which will reply with an automated message when you can’t. (e.g. If you are on a plane).
  • [highlight]Picture Messaging – HeyWire for Android can send picture messages to any mobile device that can receive a text from HeyWire. Picture messaging also works for HeyWire to HeyWire.[/highlight]

Is HeyWire Widget really free? How does it work?

Absolutely. Texting from a real phone number costs HeyWire real money so by placing a small ad within the widget, they keep your messages flying around the world for free. HeyWire does use data, so make sure you have a data plan or use Wifi where available. For your friends who aren’t on HeyWire, standard text messaging rates apply to text a U.S. Phone Number (nothing extra).

Let’s take a look to the supported countries: You can text all mobile phones in USA, Canada and Mainland China. You can also send SMS to the most mobile phones in Mexico, South/Central America and The Caribbean. And, remember that you have a real HeyWire U.S. phone number included.

Lastly, we will show you the HeyWire-to-HeyWire attributes:

  • Worldwide Messaging – You can send free messages to other HeyWire phone around the globe.
  • The following devices are supported by HeyWire: Android, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
  • You can text in any language to friends using Heywire-AT&T-Verizon. It includes character based ones, like Chinese.
  • Voice-to-Text message creation – This function only works if your Android device supports it.

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