Handcent SMS

Power up your communication through SMS and MMS with Handcent SMS.

Handcent SMS Widget allows you to send and receive SMS in a distinct way, including many more features than the common Android messaging apps. This widget offers SMS Template (Quick Text), recognize speech and speak SMS. It supports more than 20 languages and the widget developers say this number will increase soon.

Most distinguished features:

  • You can schedule the date and time to send SMS&MMS messages, it’s very powerful and easy.
  • ‘Handcent Group’ setting for better group messaging.
  • New full editor, easy to compose long SMS or for people who would like a larger font when composing messages.
  • New options for Popup window that now supports the new lock screen of Froyo devices.
  • This widget supports MMS messaging on Sprints 4G Network.
  • Backup and restore your Handcent Settings through Handcent Online.
  • Spoken SMS.

What is Handcent Online? What can you use it for?

Handcent Online is a service where you can backup and restore your Handcent settings and your personal messages. First, you need to create a Handcent online account for free.

Once you have registered, you can also purchase ‘My Handcent online VIP Membership’ in settings by pressing ‘Buy Servicee’ and selecting which plan you want and pressing ‘buy now’, then you will be redirected to Paypal to make your payment.

The following are Handcent SMS Widget Services (some of them can be used with a free account):

  • Handcent Themes (Install new themes for your Android Device)
  • Handcent ecard (Build beautiful ecards and send them to your friends)
  • Privacy box (Save your privacy contacts and messages)
  • Handcent Box (Save your important messages online)
  • Handcent Text (A library of text messages in various categories such as Funny, Romantic, Birthday, etc.)
  • Handcent MMS+ (Send full-size pictures, video, Mp3 music and other documents to your friends)
  • Backup/Restore Service (Save all your personal settings, SMS and MMS to Handcent’s secure server)
  • My Themes (Save your own custom themes online, and restore them any time you want)
  • Quicktext (Save your favourite texts Online)

Handcent Widget Features and Support:

This widget lets you set the configuration to show all messages or only unread ones. It allows you to set the maximum number of messages to 20, 30 or 50. You can also check the Auto Lock option to lock the widget when the screen is off.

You are allowed to reply, forward, mark as read, delete and create new messages from the Android Widget.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports you can send an email to the developers going to: Menu > More > About.

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