Stay synchronized with your Google tasks!

GTasks Widget is a simple To-Do list which synchronizes your tasks and notes with Google. This Android widget can be used on local mode (doesn’t require any Google Account) or on Google Account mode for which you will need to configure your Google account. Once this is done, you just need to wait a few seconds before your tasks are synchronized with Google. You can find Google Tasks in Gmail or Google Calendar on the web.

One of the best features of GTasks Widget is that you can use and synchronize multiple Google Accounts at the same time. Then, according to giving the proper use to Android widgets, you will be able to configure the synchronization mode. You can do it by going to Menu > Settings > More > Sync Mode. From there, you will be able to set it as ‘Manually’, ‘Auto’ or ‘Only open or exit’.

Some GTasks Tips

GTasks Widget lets you share your tasks and notes with your friends through email, FacebookTwitter and SMS by long pressing over a task. This Android widget also lets you to ‘Delete’, ‘Indent’ and ‘Un-indent’ with the same action. Apart from the long-press attribute, you should also know about the following tips and features:

  • You can enable/disable the ‘All’ tab by going to Menu > Settings.
  • On each page, you can view the help by selecting the menu option ‘Help’.
  • The Android widget only works if you install it on the phone. Don’t move it to your SD Card if you want to use it.
  • GTasks Widget lets you create new task lists from Menu > More > Task List or by going to the list icon on the top left of the screen and then clicking on ‘Edit Lists’.
  • You can scroll horizontally to switch between tasks/tasklists.
  • This Android Widget allows you to quickly add new tasks by pressing the ‘Search’ button of your Android device.

Need Support?

The Android widget developers let you contact them through email in case you have any doubts or suggestions by going to Menu > Settings > Feedback.

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