GRemotePro-multi remote to PC

Access your home computer from anywhere in the world via your Android device

More and more people are finding out the many benefits of being able to access your home computer from anywhere in the world. The way this Android widget works is that you can access your home computer that is connected to the internet on your android phone, being able to use the touch screen to move the mouse and the virtual keyboard to emulate your home computer’s keyboard. GRemote is a new way to log onto your home computer anywhere in the world and even play your home computers music files over your phone.

GRemote Pro Features:

  • Mouse and Keyboard: You can use your phone’s touch screen to move around your mouse pointer and your phone’s digital keyboard to actually type on your computer straight from your phone. If you need to check a word document on your computer but cannot access it, you can bring out your phone and look up any details you may need. If you love playing computer games, you can log onto your favorite computer game from anywhere in the world and play to your heart’s desire.
  • One Button Options: There are plenty of one button options you can access from Gremote that you will be using on a daily basis. You can easily change the computers resolution so you can read the text much easier with one button, you can quick launch commonly used programs, and many more.
  • Voice Control: GRemote is fully functional by using voice commands. You can speak into your phone the application name that you are wishing to open and GRemote will open it.
  • Winamp Functionality: You can use your phone as a remote control to access your Winamp account. If you are hosting a great party, you can switch songs, play a new playlist, or even turn up the volume without having to walk over to your computer and change the settings.

GRemote works with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 operating systems. Currently, you cannot use Mac OS to run the program but hopefully updates will be created in the future to add this in. GRemote is a great way to access your computer in a pinch. If the thought of accessing your computer remotely sounds scary, do not worry as GRemote is very easy to figure out and the interface is as user friendly as they come.

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