Go Weather

Change your phone’s background interface depending on the weather conditions outside with GO Weather.

Go Weather is a lightweight Android widget that allows the user to see how hot or cold it is outside, but provides a unique feature in that it can change your phones home screen depending on the conditions outside. What this means is that if it rainy and dark outside, your phone will change to dark clouds and rain while if it is 85 degrees and sunny outside, your phone will change to have the sun shining and bright white clouds. After adding the Go Weather widget to your home screen, you are prompted to enter your location. Once you have done this, the Android widget will then display your cities location, the temperature outside in degrees, the highs and lows of the days temperature, the wind speed, and if it is cloudy, rainy, or sunny. Of course, you can turn off several of the listed features if they are unnecessary or you do not want them added to your phone.

Go Weather Widget Features

  • Ability to see what type of weather is outside, ex) rainy, cloudy, windy.
  • Beautiful and stunning animations will display depending on the conditions outside. The sun animation looks awesome while the raining theme is amazing as well.
  • Ability to get the five day forecast for the week.
  • High quality visual effects make Go Weather android widget a blast to simply stare at for hours.
  • Does not use a large amount of memory as some of the other background theme widgets do.

If you are looking for a way to see how hot or cold it is outside with style, than Go Weather Android widget is an awesome choice. If you are stuck inside a building all day and are yearning to see how the weather is, Go Weather allows you to do so in style. If you are looking to show off to your friends and family, than Go Weather will impress even the most skeptic of individuals will its beautiful layout and fantastic animations. One of the most shocking features of Go Weather is that it is absolutely free! There are several weather Android widgets widely available on the android market that cost money, while Go Weather does not cost one penny. Go Weather must be tried out and I am willing to be you are going to like how your phone looks afterwards.

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