What if you could read your SMS directly from your Home Screen with an Android Widget? Is it possible? Yes, of course.

GO SMS Pro Widget lets you do that and more. It shows you the picture of the person who sent you the SMS and the date of it. The widget has a set of actions to do from your Home Screen such as; Send SMS, Call, Open Inbox, Delete SMS and Widget Settings.

Widget Settings

This option allows you to configure the look and feel of the Go SMS Pro Widget. For example; you can set it to view all the messages or the unread ones only; You can select the maximium number of displayed messages (up to 50 messages); It will let you to choose the background color of the widget (black or white).

This widget also provides you with some Innovative Features like:

  • SMS Backup and Restore (You can choose all or selected conversations. Supports XML format. Also you can Send the backup file by email).
  • Emoji support.
  • Facebook photo support.
  • Folders list support. You have: Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts folders, and you may also create new folders, encrypt them, and copy your important messages to a folder from conversation UI.
  • Themes Support (It provides you with 5 themes and the chance of downloading new ones for free).
  • Gesture support (You may switch “Messages” and “Folders” view by left/right slip gesture).
  • Many transition effects in:”Settings >Appearance Settings >Transition Settings >Switcher settings”.
  • Multiple languages support by independent language packs (“Setting >Application settings >Language selection”).
  • Security lock and Blacklist.
  • Avoid disordered messages: sort by time or by order of messages sent/received
  • Night mode.

Tips and Support:

The developers provide you with an extensive list of tips to improve the use of the widget (Menu >More >Help). If you have any doubts or suggestions you can email them too.

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