Gmail Unread Count

How many unread emails do you have in your Gmail inbox?

Gmail Unread Count Widget lets you know how many emails you have marked as unread in your Gmail Inbox. This widget will automatically launch Gmail upon tapping. It also provides you with an option in which Gmail will only display your unread emails when you tap on the Home Screen Widget.

Gmail Unread Count Widget supports multiple Gmail accounts (only in Android 2.0 or higher). For example; you can configure one icon for your work account and another for your personal one. In addition, you can put several Android Widgets on your Home Screen, each one with different labels to identify the accounts.

This Android Widget can be styled to look as a native icon (with customizable icons and labels) or as a widget. You can customize the appearence of the icon or widget, you are allowed to select different images and colors. Furthermore, you can also select a custom image following the guidelines listed below:

Gmail Unread Count – Settings

  • Put the images in the folder (create it if it does not exist) “gmail-unread-count” on the SD card.
  • It can be any size but matching it to your device will yeild better perfomance.
  • The image should be 36×36 pixels for ldpi devices (HTC Tattoo), 48×48 pixels for mdpi devices (most) and 72×72 pixels for hdpi devices (currently Droid/Milestone and Nexus One)

Support and Bug Reports

Please remember that you need to install this Widget to be able to use it. Don’t try to open it as an App, it won’t be available in the Apps Menu.

You can send an email to the Widget Developers in case you need support or have a bug report. You can find their email address in our Android Widget Developers directory.

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