Share your location in style and meet up with other Glympse users

Sharing your locations with others has been popular the last few years with social network and programs such as Facebook, Google Places, and Foursquare. Glympse is the newest addition to these sites and has features that no other android widget currently has.

Share your location with others mobile phone or computer

Glympse is a simple android widget that allows you to send a “Glympse” to anyone with an email address. If you are running late to a meeting, you can easily send a Glympse to the other members of the group and they can see via GPS your exact location. In addition, if they are using a computer they can track your progress and see where you are driving and how long it is taking. This is perfect for those who are stuck in traffic and can share exactly why they are late.

Are you meeting up with some friends? Share a Glympse with them to let you know how long it will take for you to get to them. Glympse can also send an update to Facebook sharing your location and showing your exact route.

Personal or Business Use

The two most common reasons to use Glympse will be for business related reasons or for personal use. If you or a loved one drives through a bad part of town, you can monitor their movement process and see where they are at all times, giving you the peace of mind not to worry. For business purposes you can easily track when clients are visiting you if you live in a difficult to get to business office or to see their location if they are running late or lost.

The interface for Glympse is friendly and fun to watch. When watching the Glympse map on your phone or computer, you will see a map with your contact’s photograph above a giant arrow and you can watch as they travel to your location. Glympse keeps track of all of your recent Glympses in case you want to see how long it took you or a friend to get to their destination.

Glympse is an innovative and one of the best android widgets there is and fun to try out and actually has practical uses. Having your location tracked via GPS and watching on a computer is a blast and must be tried out.


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