Be updated when your favorite bands are on tour in your town

For every music lover, going to see your favorite band live is a memory that will be remembered forever. With all the various concerts going on everyday keeping track of them can be extremely difficult. The good news is that GigBeat Android widget is an excellent tool that can easily find concerts in your area and alert you when artists you enjoy are having a show.

GigBeat Android Widget Popular Features

  • Artist Scan: One of the most amazing features of this amazing Android widget is the ability to artist scan. When you complete this task, GigBeat will scan all of the music on your android device and list all of the artists. From there, it will keep track of all of your artists or certain bands you specify and will send you an alert when they are coming to town for a live show. Also, you can even purchase concert tickets right from your phone. Finally, if you do not have a large song library and instead prefer to stream music, you can sync up your account and set your favorites from there.
  • My Gigs: The gigs tab allows you to track all of the recent and older concerts you have attended and are planning on attending. This is a great way to catalog and keep track of all the fun concerts you have visited in the past.

GigBeat Android Widget Possible Issues:

  • One possible issue with GigBeat is that you need to be connected to a WiFi network for the android widget to work properly. This can be an issue for those who do not have a wireless connection in their home or do not have easy access to WiFi internet networks.

  • Spotify is becoming one of the most popular ways to listen to music and stream it to your android device. However, GigBeat does not feature the ability to sync up with your Spotify account. Hopefully, this will be addressed in a future update and this is definitely a possibility, as the GigBeat team is very active in their Android widget.

Never Miss a Concert Again

Having the peace of mind to never miss a great concert from your favorite artists again is the best feature of GigBeat android widget. Being constantly updated is a fantastic feature that allows new concerts to be listed daily. Anyone who is a music fanatic that loves live music and events needs to download GigBeat right away.

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