Genial Writing

What about handwriting on your Android device? Cool, right?

Genial Writing Widget lets you write down notes using one of your fingers as if it were a pencil.This Android widget allows you to share handwriting notes, messages, or whatever you want to write down to your friends through Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MMS, etc. The free version of Genial Writing Widget includes lots of features that we will describe below. However, you must bear in mind that in this version the most innovative settings are missing (You can find them in the Genial Writing License as is called the paid version).

Shaking your Android device with Genial Writing!

As many other Android widgets, Genial Writing makes use of the shaking capability incorporated in the Android systems. In this case it’s used to undelete previous written content. Shaking your Android device is the equivalent to the  ‘CMD + Z’ in Mac or ‘Ctrl + Z’ in Windows.

Furthermore, this Android widget allows you to choose where to save your notes. You can save them in your SD Card as well as in your internal device memory. We strongly recommend you to save them into the device’s internal memory to avoid having widget errors.

What about the other main functions?

  • You can organize your notes into different notebooks. You can choose between 12 different notebook models.
  • When writing, you can activate the ‘fast writing’ option to automatically input text after being idle a configured number of seconds.
  • Handwriting input method – You can write with your finger on the screen as if you had a pen.
  • Automatic saving of your notes when you press ‘back’ button.
  • You can select both pen width and pen color from settings menu.
  • This Android widget supports portrait and landscape orientation.
  • You can copy/paste written words or phrases between different notes.
  • Genial Writing Widget gives you the opportunity to choose between 10 different paper styles and 3 different writting styles.
  • Just in case you want to add some pictures to your notes, you can insert them from your gallery.
  • You can choose a 4×3 or 4×4 icon size for your home screen’s Android widget.

Even more features, but only included in the full version:

  • Keyboard support – Genial Writing License gives you the alternative of writing using your Android keyboard.
  • Camera Key button support – You can insert pictures by pressing the camera button of your Android device.
  • More options for your Android widget’s size; 4×1 and 4×2.

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