Galaxy SIII Review From Real Life

There are no shortage of Galaxy S III reviews out there, especially since all carrier versions are essentially the same phone with very few customizations. However, I don’t get review units so when I review a product it has to be my own purchase. I bought the Galaxy S III to be my personal device after much research and digging through online reviews. After the research I decided that the Galaxy S III was the best device out there, but does it live up to my expectations? Read on to find out.

When I look to buy devices, I generally have 2 requirements. It has to be on the forefront of available technology for the time, and it needs to do what the manufacturer claims and do it well. Phone companies are  known for releasing devices that just don’t work like they claim, but the Galaxy SIII is different.


When I first got the phone I didn’t care much for the physical home key, but as I’ve used the device I have found it to somewhat enjoyable, although, personally I would have preferred Samsung put software buttons like the Galaxy Nexus, but this is by no means a hindrance to the phone.

The screen is beautiful and everybody that holds the phone will agree. If you get really really close you can tell that it’s a pentile screen, but under normal use you will never see the pixels and the HD resolution makes watching videos a pleasure.The camera is great as well, but I’ll dedicate a whole section to that below.

Call quality is excellent as well. People were clear sounding and those I talked to said I was just as clear. The design of the phone also makes it very comfortable to talk on.


The SGSIII was running Android 4.0.4 at the time I reviewed it, with Samsung’s Touchwiz UI layed on top of it. Samsung put a lot of work into making the phone’s software smooth which greatly improves the experience. I am not a fan of Samsung’s UI, but Nova Launcher fixed that by giving the phone a stock look and feel with the exception of phone’s settings.

There are tons of useful and not so useful software features on the phone. In fact they are so numerous it is impossible to look at them all. In my real world usage I used very few of them. I like the hand swipe screen shot that allows you to swipe your hand across the screen to take a screen shot(probably my favorite feature). I also found the ability to double tap the top of the phone to go to the top of a list useful. Smart stay, which keeps the screen on when your looking at the phone is cool, but it only works if you have plenty of light. If your reading in the low light it rarely works. There are others such as the ability to put the phone to your ear while viewing a text message to call the person who sent the message and swiping to the left on a contact to send a text message or right to call them. The phone is full of little features like those and there is really something for everyone in there and if you don’t want them they can all be disabled in the settings.


The camera on the SGSIII is nothing short of phenomenal. With a little effort you can take some amazing pictures with it. I don’t take a lot of pictures, but the camera was one of my big reasons for buying the phone.  The camera software alone is astounding. You get so many features that chances are you will not use half of them. The two modes I have found most useful where burst and HDR. Burst mode continually takes photos until it takes twenty photos so you can catch fast action and pick the best shot. HDR takes three pictures at different exposures then stitches them together. HDR is great when you are taking a picture of something where one area is well lit, but the rest is not. It will lighten the dark areas to match the light areas. Although I haven’t used it much, the camcorder also takes really good video for a phone. Be sure to check below the article for some sample pictures and a sample video. The video was taking using CyanogemMod’s build of Android Jelly Bean, but the quality should be the same or better on stock.


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