If there are several websites that you like to visit on a daily basis, you can now use Feedly to check for new updates instead of refreshing your favorite web pages.

Feedly Android widget makes browsing your favorite websites on your phone much easier. A URL feed is something that most websites have which allows individuals who enjoy reading the content of the website to be updated whenever the web page adds new content or posts. The user is updated by usually one or two lines containing the new pages title and when the item was added to the website. This is much less time consuming than searching through websites that the user browses on a daily basis and streamlines the whole process.

Feedly Main Features

  • Ability to add multiple URL feeds to your list and receive updates when they are updated.
  • Beautiful page previews are available in Feedly you can view before visiting the actual page.
  • Feedly Widget syncs up with your desktop Feedly bookmarks. This allows you to easily add your favorite sites using your home computer and the ability to access them from your mobile phone.
  • Easily remove and check off when pages have been read or the ability to save the page to be read at a later date.
  • Easy to use interface that is stunning to look at. The interface looks similar to what you would read in a magazine or on a tablet.

Feedly Possible Issue

The only possible issue that some may come into contact with using Feedly is that the RSS feeds are not available if your Android is not connected to the Internet. For those who have difficulty connecting to the data network or Wi-Fi in certain areas may be unable to read the stories updated in Feedly.

Final Conclusion

If you are looking for a simple Android widget to browse your favorite websites and know when they are updated, Feedly does an amazing job. The interface is similar to one you would see on an iPad or tablet, which is definitely a good thing. Another option is using the Google reader Android widget, however, Feedly is much more user friendly and gorgeous to look at. This widget is being constantly updated and bugs and issues are being handled weekly. Feedly is a beautiful and free Android widget, and anyone who uses RSS feeds or is interested in starting using them, Feedly is the widget to use.


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